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I am on day three.  I should be excited, but to be honest, I am scared.  I feel great.  I am proud of myself.  But I am fully aware that withdrawal symptoms can start to attack today.  I have heard stories of the good feelings and the false comfort of having escaped the symptoms only for them to sneak up around day three, four, or five and hit you like a ton of bricks.

I have been to day three before.  The worst symptom I have ever had was debilitating headaches.  Alcohol made the headaches go away.  I absolutely refuse to let that be my answer this time.  I have reached out on the BFB (Booze Free Brigade) for tips on how to combat these headaches and any other symptoms I may be facing.  I highly suggest that if you are coming upon this stage in recovery, be prepared with the tools you need to get through this time without having to resort back to booze to feel better.

Here are some of the tools I have ready to go:

1. Coffee – I chased my booze with soda, so the coffee gives me the caffeine my body is used to without adding to my headaches or providing the trigger of the taste of sugary colas

2. Ibuprofen – to help combat the headaches

3. Podcasts – ready to go for that extra push (I am loving The Bubble Hour right now)

4. Support – friends that I have made through the BFB are available any day, anytime, by way of text

I will be honest and update everything that I experience. Although I don’t want to scare anyone away from becoming sober, there are a lot of scary truths that can come along with recovery.  However, I also know that anything that I may experience will pass, and going back is not the answer.  Here I go…