Stress Test

Posted: October 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

Today was quite a day. Actually, that’s an understatement. I teach kindergarten, which is never a dull moment, but today was out of control. One student decided to purposefully pee on the floor, another got the stomach bug and pooped all over himself while sitting in one of my chairs, another decided to yank a tooth out that wasn’t ready and gushed blood onto my rug, and another took a pair of scissors and cut his hair, resulting in patches of bald spots in several areas.
These are often the things that kindergarten is made of, but not all in one day. The really bad part, however, is that I had to hotline two families today for abuse. I left the school heartbroken, anxiety ridden, and exhausted. Today was the perfect excuse to have a slip up and take a drink.
Last week, by crazy chance, I figured out that one of the ladies that posts on BFB was in my town visiting her family about a mile away from me. We decided to meet for coffee yesterday, and we talked for well over an hour. During this talk, she mentioned a few things that would make certain days harder than others… Hunger, loneliness, anger, and tiredness. (HALT) We also talked about stress and other triggers.
Today, I was faced with many many of these things – stress, anxiety, anger, and exhaustion.
On my way home today, I thought about my conversation with my new sober friend, who is yet another brick in my wall of support that I have been building. The timing of my meeting with her and the advice she gave could not have been more perfect. As I drove today, I passed the first liquor store, and later the fifth, all of which I used to rotate through. I felt repulsed at the thought of drinking. I knew it wouldn’t help. I knew it would only make this crazy awful day much worse.
Today has been a week since I had a drink. I’m thankful for new friends, endless support, and a peaceful mind as a lay down to get my rest for a new day. I hope those of you reading this can find that at the end of each day, no matter how bad, it’s still good because you’re sober.

  1. Lynda Otvos says:

    Atta girl, appreciate that you are sober and dealing with these circumstances. I so applaud you and your successful efforts to stay in the Light. I’m here with you, think of you every day and wonder how you’re doing… thanks for sharing. Stay the course, you’re doing Great.

  2. Christine says:

    Congratulations on getting through a really stressful day alcohol-free. If you can get through this day, you can overcome any cravings!!!

  3. Emily Candoit says:

    Keep hanging in there. I am really new to this. Like four days in new to this. But I am drawing so much courage and inspiration from the BFB and other sites. Thanks for sharing your story and becoming part of my journey.

  4. Mrs D says:

    Hey there, I like the look of your blog – nice and gritty! Sounds like you are determined which is great. Strap in for a bumpy ride early on but just keep going keep going keep going and so much will open up for you. Look forward to following along xxx

  5. gordy says:

    Im also a nursery teacher in the UK and can totally emphathise with your situation. Sometimes all you can do is laugh though., that’s the best medicine of all.
    Im on day 16 alcohol free, aiming for at least 30, but taking one day at a time.
    Hope life is treating you all kindly today. X

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